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RECTO Two Tone Solid Wood Hand Carved Headboard Platform Canopy Bed


Delivery: 8 to 10 Weeks from date of Purchase

From fairytales to reality, canopy beds have seen extensive evolution, but our Recto Blue Two-Tone Solid Wood Canopy Bed with Carved Headboard excels them in style, beauty, and sophistication. Gorgeously crafted and featuring striking visuals, this bed immediately captures the eye with its timeless, modern-classic aesthetics. It has been entirely handcrafted from solid wood, so it’s not just sturdy, but also boasts an amazing heirloom quality.


Entirely Handcrafted
100% Solid Wood Craftsmanship
Elegant modern-classic design
Canopy style aesthetic
Platform base
Baluster style posters with a slender overhead beam
Oversized headboard with hand-carved details

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