Pride Kopa Iron Glass Double Door


Delivery: 8 to 10 Weeks from date of Purchase
  • Swing : Inside Swing
  • Color : Dark Bronze
  • Glass : Fully operational Rain Glass Tempered
  • Dimension: 6ft x 8ft


Our doors made of 12-gauge steel with 5/8″ for design work, Operable double-pane tempered glass that open independently from the doors, fully insulated with thermal injected foam in the door, window frame, and in the door sheet, sand blasted, spraying zinc, oven baked oxide primer, black paint and handy faux finish, varnish coated for the best possible anti-rusting.

The doors come on a pre-hung steel frame. The steel frame supports the weight on the doors and allows easy installation. The frame is equipped with mounting flanges to secure the frame into the framing with lag bolts

 All doors come insulated with high quality foam insulation that is pumped into the jamb and also into the style of the door sheet. A rubber weather stripping is used around the door frame, the glass frame. Iron Threshold is included.

 Foot bolts and head bolts are used on double door units. The flush bolt is the mechanism that locks the inactive leaf of the double door unit. The head bolt locks into the top of the door frame and the foot bolt locks into the threshold/floor


Please contact if the glass needs to be Frosted - Additional charges may involve

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