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HF2110 Upholstered Bed Frame


Delivery: 8 to 10 Weeks from date of Purchase


  • Model: HF2110
  • Categories: Bed frame
  • Characteristics: it's with 2 pcs gold metal décor on the headboard, narrow and deep lines to show the bed unique .
  • Materials: Plywood, foam, Upholstery, metal trim
  • Size(in): 36*75, 54*75, 60*79, 71*79in or customaries
  • Package : 1pc/ 2ctn, normal flat pack or mail order box

1.Headboard 50in(including legs),thickness 4in gold metal trim on the headboard
2.Bed end 14in(including legs),thickness 3in
3.Side rails 14in(including legs), thickness 2in
4.Gold square "L" metal legs, 2in
5.Beige velvet fabric

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